Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Jay and I am a recovering addict. At the end it was just heroin, but my drug of choice my whole life was whatever you had. I’m not just addicted to drugs. I fell in love with and succumbed to the whole lifestyle. My morals had become eclipsed by the twisted loyalties of the LIFE. I currently have 126 days free from all mood and mind altering substances. I do take medications for some health problems I have acquired along the way, but I take them as prescribed and they are all non-narcotic. My hopes as far as this blog is concerned is to spread the message of hope and recovery. Change is possible as you will see in my future posts of how I have successfully changed my stars! You can too! I am going to keep it simple and small today, as I have a billion other things to do. So, to those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has! God Bless! Say hello to strangers today, and do it with a smile!



  1. There are no words strong enough to convey how incredibly proud I am of you, Jay. I’ve watched you transform yourself from a seemingly hopeless addict destined for the grave to an unstoppable powerhouse with a limitless future! Your insatiable hunger for a better life, and your dedication to your recovery, are nothing short of inspirational. You are living proof that there is always hope! Thank you for trusting in me, and for allowing me to share in your journey.

    Never stop reaching for those stars!

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