The top is never far away from the bottom.

Not that I am successful by any means in comparison, but compared to where I used to be, I am today. Some days are easier to handle it than others. It’s a fine line, a slippery slope if you will. Remaining humble that is, without becoming over confident. Taking compliments is still hard for me. I mean how do I respond, thank You? That just sounds so impersonal to me. Not to mention, when I hear them I still wonder what that person is trying to get out of me. Behaviors, they say, are learned experiences. I am still a baby in recovery, so I am still learning these new experiences. I didn’t become an addict overnight, so I can’t expect to become normal overnight either. But I am addict, hear me roar! I want what I want, and I want it now! No seriously, patience is not one of my strong points. I am working on it though. So be easy this afternoon friends, and know what is gonna happen is gonna happen. To those of you out thèe in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes  for the better as mine has. God bless!

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