Peace inside of Chaos

I forgot how much I love being in the city. The lights, sounds, smells, all of it! I quickly become consumed with it. I feed off it. My thoughts go where they need to. I somehow find peace amidst all the chaos. Breathing becomes slow and steady like rain drops from the sky in the spring. My mind seems to switch into auto pilot. Every move, as well as, every thought, becomes as easy as the next breath I take. My creativity flows like a waterfall. Explodes like an atomic bomb more like. My imagination dreams up more colorful ideas and thoughts, like a kaleidoscope running in high gear. I am calm, relaxed, and at peace with myself. It is like my surroundings are feeding off of me. My steps are easier, lighter, and not so thought out, but fall where they need to.  I obtain a heightened sense of awareness. Everything is clearer. It’s almost as if i can feel sounds. I can go anywhere in this chaos to be free, or just sit finally and let this in. It is then that I am fully capable of letting out beautiful things with ease. The ugliness of society disappears. My heart feels warm as the sun. I notice a smile on my face, and a single tear on my cheek. This is what life is supposed to feel like all the time!


  1. Interesting that you feel that way about the city. I feel that way when I’m in my garden. 18 years ago when we served together if you would have told me that I would be a farmer I would have told you you’re crazy but her I am. Proud of you for choosing to be a better person. Stay strong

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