Stand in the gap…

Good morning. Someone, a friend of mine from church, said that they would do this for me in a prayer service last week. When I was first made aware of this I was flattered, but did not have a clue as to the depths that this offer went. It was during a late night phone call with my mother whom made it clear to me what this meant. It stems from the Bible, Ezekiel 22:30, to be exact. In my study Bible it breaks it down to this, ” In this present reference, standing in the gap is a metaphor for committed intercession. There is a gap between God and img_20161015_190419man who an intercessor tries to bridge.”  It also says, ” prayer is the match that lights the fuse to release the explosive power of the Holy Spirit in the affairs of men”.  I am honored that there is someone out there that is willing to be the intercessor between me and God today. I really like this new term I have learned and plan on learning more about it and using it. So much of this I can carry over into recovery. Those of us who have a few 24 hours of clean time need to stand the gap for the newcomers, and anyone in the program needing a hand up for that matter. For example, I made some amends with a person in NA last night at the meeting. Nothing more than just cutting off our interaction all together had occurred, but It weighed heavy on my heart. I also learned he may sort of be in the grip of it and in need of someone to reach out to him. So, I did. It felt amazing. I even got some sleep last night. Carrying this around had been holding me down and when I realized it and corrected it, I feel so much better. When I was in active addiction my prayers, when I did pray, were of a completely different nature. I feel extremely blessed this morning. To add to this, I have trying to give back more lately. Helping out, volunteering, whatever I can do wherever I can do it. My girlfriend and I were talking about it and I was telling her how much some of these things have made me cry, and she said it was because of the fact that I do these things with a pure heart, not expecting anything in return, but the satisfaction of helping someone in need. Its true, I do not expect a thing in return, I was where they are not long ago. I still live in a homeless shelter for fuck sake, so I am not even a stones throw away from being right back there. In closing I would just like to ask of you reading this to really take this into your heart. Think about this, who are you in the matter? A friend of mine asked me that. It’s this sort of movement he is trying to get off the ground. Who are you in the matter? Be of a positive influence in something today. Be that bridge in someones gap. Stand up and do something for someone just because you can. If no one told you today, you matter, I love you, and I am glad you are still here. To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day that your life changes forever as mine has, God Bless!

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