Remain Humble

Good morning first of all. I am blessed to have woke up cause many did not. I am blessed I was even able to sleep, because many did not. Many people had a night very few will ever understand but be quick to judge. Some people out there looked at the clock all night, shaking and crying because the dope man would not answer. They looked at it every 5 minutes and could not understand why it had only been 5 minutes. They had no idea why their world was on fire and crumbling all around them. All they knew was to use more, to just get numb, run and hide. The sound of silence was deafening. The weight of the sound of silence is more than anyone addict can bear.  Many addicts did not make it through the night. At the meeting I was at last night, a man set himself on fire! This shit is real people. I mean come on, setting yourself on fire? I can not imagine how bad it must have been for him, but I know i have had the business end of a shot-gun in my mouth in the past, so I have been close and i feel his pain. My brother from another mother just about overdosed last night. His girl got him to the hospital in time and he actually came to me, and we sat through the meeting hand in hand, i cried through most of it, but we did it. Shit is real and always has been, and will continue to be. The struggle is real. I see it everyday. I wish there was more I can do. I am working on it, I just need some more clean time before I can positively step in and help. If I did or do more so early, it has the potential to destroy my clean time. If I can not help myself, I am no good to anyone else. What I did do was to put him in touch after the meeting with a couple of dudes who have significant clean time. I made sure he left with a phone list, and some literature. When I got home, after I got myself together, I prayed for him. I asked a couple other dudes in here to pray for him. I will stand in the gap for you Jasper! I love you man! I need you around. So, please don’t be so quick to judge people. How about open your eyes to what this really is. Good people making bad decisions because it is all they know. They just don’t wanna hurt and who does? It is our job to make sure they know that help is out there. That change is possible. Dreams are not just for dreamers! I am doing push ups and constantly working towards being as strong as I can be for the day the gates open for me to hit the ground running on helping addicts with everything I have! Until then, I will do what I can for anyone without putting myself win_20161021_08_00_35_proin harm’s way. To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes forever as mine has! God Bless! Open your eyes today and see things for what they REALLY are!


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