Hope IS Alive……



  1. I’ve heard people say being sober isn’t fun and I wish that I could show them what fun is, but as you can’t make a horse drink, you can’t make a addict get clean. You want so much for them that they don’t want for themselves and it literally hurts me so bad to watch what they put themselves through. And why do I keep watching? Why don’t I turn away from them? Bc I LOVE! I live with all my heart bc they can’t love themselves at that moment and need someone to love them for them. And I won’t stop!


  2. I’ve heard people say that being sober isn’t fun. I actually heard it today. But I wish I could shake those people and show them what they are missing. But as you can’t make a horse drink, you also can make an addict get clean. I’ve been told I need to separate myself by people that are trying to explain to me what the addict needs and what I need so I don’t fall but I am a firm believer that there is only one thing they need when they can’t do it for themself. That is love! I won’t turn my back on the one I love or someone close to me that is right there in it and needs to feel that love. They can’t love their selves at this moment, they need to see they are worth something and that someone does care for them and that is the only light at the end of the tunnel for them to understand that they can love theirself again. So no i won’t turn my back!!


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