Swimming in a sea of Fears

This is my first power point ever. Again, for one of my English classes. It was to go along with a paper I wrote on Dr. King and the injustices his people overcame. But did they really? Have things really changed? Who are you in the matter? swimming-in-a-sea-of-fears Again if there are problems viewing this please let me know in the comment section. I chose a Rage Against The Machine song, Calm Like A Bomb. They way he and his people protested were comparable to the title of that song to me. They actually went through self purification classes to be able to not react violently to violence! How many of you can say that you could do this? Very impressed with this man. He was a beautiful person who was murdered foolishly, for he could have done many more great things for the people under the thumb of wrongful government acts. When you click on the link, swimming in a sea of fears, go to the top of the page, then click on slide show, then on the far left click from the beginning, then sit back and enjoy……….

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