Life on Life’s Terms

Good morning. Pretty powerful title huh? It is for me on the daily. There’s a bunch of ways to go with this, but I will di my best to keep it as I see it. Life happens. Shit doesn’t happen, Life does. There are two types of people in this world, One, the my cup is half empty type. Second, my cup is half full type. Both have their pro’s and con’s. I choose to be a my cup is refillable type. Because no matter what Life has to throw at me, good or bad, I will have to drink it from this cup every day, and every tomorrow brings more in my cup to drink, share, or splash on the ground. I have the choice of how I deal with Life today. Drugs and that life do not control my decisions anymore. That is a fight in itself, not letting drugs control my decisions anymore. I choose to remain positive no matter what. Now I am in no way saying that I do not get upset or angry, but I let it in, and then let it go. I have tools to help me deal with this today. Tools I have actually had my whole life, but was too scared to use them. I also cry sometimes five or six times a day. Sometimes good tears, and sometimes bad tears. I have tools for this as well. My tool box gets bigger and stronger every day. My pride does not get in the my way as much today. Notice I said as much? It still happens. As I am sure it always will, for I am a very proud man. Where I come from though, proud mouths go hungry, and I like to eat. Pride will sting your soul like a thousand bee’s if you let it. Again, choices to make as in how you , or I , decide to deal with life. I remain teachable today. I have let go the I know it all attitude and keep an open mind. All of this and prayer is an unstoppable force people. I am no good at math, but this is one equationimg_20161015_190419 I know works. If no one told you today, you matter to me. You can do all things through Christ. I love you, and Rachel, you got a sweet ass, just sayin! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has. God Bless. Smile until it hurts today!!!!


  1. Blackwell i cannot believe that u just went there!!!! I love you baby and am so proud of everything u are doing. Not just with this blog but with school and all of these smart moves you are making or not making for that matter. I am so very blessed to call you mine and to be a part of not only your recovery, but your entire life, future, decision making and plans for the future you have that include me. I am so excited to see how far you go with your career. But I am even more excited to see where our relationship takes us in this thing we call life. And if there is a life after this one I’m happy that I’ll be spending that next to you as well. Hand in mother fucking hand as you say all the time. You are my best friend, my soulmate, my everything, my future…

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    • Thank you so much for the kind words baby. A million people could have said the same or close to it, but I needed to here it from who matter the most, you. I love you without limits. I love everything you are or inspire to be. I love you for inspiring me, and lighting the fire in my soul I never imagined possible. You may be shorter than me, but I look up to you on the daily, trust and believe that. You and me, hand in motherfucking hand are gonna crush all things that challenge or attempt to oppress us. You and me, because I’m not going anywhere!


      • Oh babyyyy. Still trying to figure out why you do but I’ll take it


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