Simply Smile

Good morning. Thank God it’s Friday.  right? Well, the weekends can be just as stressful and full of worry. That’s what the title is about. I just try to smile no matter what. Whether that smile is on the inside or outside or both. I just try to smile and remain positive, no matter what. I try to find a positive in every situation. Not everyone will agree with what I say, or how I feel, and that’s1237299_159338000939994_389909554_o human nature, to have an opinion. Everybody has different assimilation/accommodation skill sets.My socioemotional skills evolve on the daily. I have seen several people in my life change up this week. It is ok with me, for I have remained a constant. I smile, I pray, I work hard towards my goals, and I love! My girlfriend and I are getting stronger every day. My professional contacts are growing with my knowledge and clean time.  I am doing ALL the right things. So , I smile. Even when things get bad, I smile. It helps, it works for me. So, I hope you all have a great Friday. Smile all day long today. To those of you in the grip of it, I pray that your life changes forever as mine has. God Bless!

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