Sunday Funday

Good morning! For me, Sunday is the one day of the week I take for myself to do my most personal things. I don’t mean go to the bank or the post office. I mean to take time to reflect on the past week. Time for me and my girl to just sit and look at each other’s faces and smile. It is time for me to realize who and what is real and earns the right to stay in my life, or is it or are they becoming a problem and need to be dumped. It is time to recognize any mistakes I may have made, and the proper way to deal with them so I do not make them again. To me, mistakes become behaviors if not dealt with promptly. I am in no way shape or form even close to perfect, no one is. I do my best to become as close to where I want to be every day. I make mistakes daily. I have a hard time dealing with certain emotions still today. I am working on it, diligently, though, believe that. Sunday is my day with God. It is my day to read my study Bible and find ways to live a more Godly life. This Bible has a truth and action section that breaks down the scripture and actually gives you examples of how to live in the way of the Lord. It is pretty awesome. I got it from the bookstore at my church. In recovery, they said to change everything. So to do so all at once could prove to be damaging. So, my changes are happening every day in order of survival need. I choose to not be the person I used to be today. I avoid people who still want to live like a “gangster”. I know right?  Clean or not clean, living like a “gangster” is not the path I choose to go down anymore. If I always do what I always did, I will always get what I always got. That is a popular saying in the support group I go to. That is real talk. So you see, I am always looking for new things to be in order to get new things, to be a better man. I want to have a family again. My own family, with my own wife, and my own house, and my own dog. I am building towards this daily. For addicts, and people like me that suffer from so much more than just addiction, it is harder than you think to do this. I don’t know how. It sounds stupid, right? It is reality for me and many others. I have lived like a “gangster” for so long it was All I knew.  Today I search for examples, either in people currently in my life, or people from the past, on how to do this. What I have discovered and decided is gonna make doing this a little harder, but oh the sweeter. I do not want to live another man’s dream or life, I want to live my own. So, I will take the time to figure out, and be my own man. If that makes sense. I want to do this right, for the last time. I want to be old and wrinkly with the woman I love today. I want to take my time with this and do it right. These are the things I use Sundays specifically for.So, today please take time for you and yours, take time to reflect and repent. To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has! God Bless! Turn on your love light today, and leave it on!!!14895673_309686999415085_1645252643_o

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