Smiles and Cries

I have found that for me, recovery, as well as life, is all about the smiles and cries. It’s not just about the up’s and down’s, but the middle is just as important. Everyone can be happy when things are going great, and it is almost certain that everyone will be upset when things are bad. It’s the middle that can get tricky for me. You know, those days where life just exists? Those days when monotony takes hold and boredom with the regimented life I know I need sets in. Those are the days I pray more than others. I am more aware of life creeping in today. I am not saying that life doesn’t find a way to kick me in the nuts still today, just that I am more aware than I have ever been. I keep a pretty busy schedule these days and mix it up as much as possible. New things are coming my way in the form of classes and such. These classes are not a part of school cylybus, but very much involved with my career choice, so they are just going to help me out in the long run, and who knows, maybe in the short end of it too. So keep your chin up on those days that just seem to happen ya know? Life is planning a suprise around the next corner! I had a great weekend! Today is gonna be a good day, because I refuse to let it be anything else! It is all about choices today. Today, I choose to live a better life. Today, I will, with love in my heart, and a positive attitude, accept what life throws my way. To those of you in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day that your life changed forever as mine had! God Bless!

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