Tomorrow’s Yesterdays

Good morning. Life comes at me so fast sometimes. Lightspeed sometimes, and sometimes faster. Well, it passes just as fast. Tomorrow becomes yesterday for me without notice sometimes. I don’t mind when it happens for the most part, mainly because I can not stop it. Other times I need for whatever was happening to pass quickly. What about those days that you don’t want to stop? What about those days I need to take a little longer? I don’t mean because I was having a good day, but a day where I needed to feel what I was feeling for a reason. A reason I don’t see until it’s over with and then the lesson or the reason is revealed. I write about these days not only in here, but in several other more personal journals I keep. I had a day yesterday that I am not sure how to describe just yet. The way it ended brought me to tears, again. Yeah, I cry a lot. Sometimes four or five times a day. Anyways, I came home to a homemade bag full of goodies. The biggest goodie for me was the two handmade cards inside with letters on both of them. One of them was from a first-grader, the other a fifth grader. Both letters thanked me and all veterans for our “service”. A simple little selfless act from a couple of little people who have no idea how what they just did permanently changed somebodies feelings toward society and brought me out of a rut I was in. It is things and people like this that make veterans do what they do. Sitting thousands of miles away from home through holidays and away from families going through shit only the ones there will ever understand is selfless beyond imagination that people like me have done, not looking for a thank you so to speak, but not ever expecting to have society spit in my face. I will find out who these little people are, and visit them someday soon with something that will put a smile on their face the way they brought tears to mine last night, I promise you that! I have some big things happening today that I owe some thanks to. I owe a lot to God, he hasn’t let me down yet! I will never forget where I came from or those still there suffering! I will finish school, get my degree, and go on to set the bar for the way people get help, find help, and realise that hope and change are possible! If no one told you today, I love you and you matter to me! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes forever as mine has! Veterans live’swin_20161101_05_47_07_pro matter!!!!!


  1. keep having faith because although not everyone will disappoint you the few that dont are definitely worth keepin on for

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