It Only Hurts If I let It

Goog morning. This can be and is so true in my everyday life. I can apply this to all of the things I feel that cause me pain. I guess I will start with physical pain. I tend to believe my tolerance for pain is higher than most. After the training I received in the Marine Corps, I was able to block out most of it. They burned into our souls that pain was only weakness leaving the body. This may have been suitable for a twenty-something Jarhead running combat op’s in a desert somewhere, but today, to ignore most pain will only further my issues. I mention this because I am in mild pain this morning. I don’t know if it is even pain, maybe discomfort. I must be getting soft in my old age! I could have accepted the narcotic pain meds the dentist wanted the prescribe, but I stuck to my guns with my commitment to remain drug-free. So I deal with it the best way I know how, ignore it. Next would be emotional pain. I do not ignore any of this today. To do so could prove to be deadly for me. So you see, I pick and choose what I allow to hurt me today as best as I can. There are things that blow in with the wind that blind side me, but I have the proper tools for dealing with them. Let me back up a few steps first. I wrote that pain was only weakness leaving the body right? Well, I have found that it is ok to be weak sometimes today. I am ok with that. I feel I am stronger for having realised this. I am the crutch other people lean on, so in turn, I lean on certain people on certain days. I never was the strong and invincible man I made myself out to be. I had and still have some, insecurities that were eating up my soul. I deal with them today. I accept the ones I can not change and move on to the ones I can, and then do the next right thing!!! I must cut this short, for I have class and a busy schedule today. I want you all to think about maybe are you or are you not as strong as you say you are. Remember, it is ok to have weak moments, for this does not make us weak people!!!! I will write more on this later. To those of you in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has!!! God Bless!!win_20161102_07_53_37_pro


  1. im proud that youd rather deal with the pain than deal with the consequences of a potential relapse if u were to take the narcotic pain meds. so friggin proud of you. most couldnt do that. theyd justify it saying that they have a reason to be taking the meds and take them anyways because they are prescribed by doctor. kudos baby, xoxo

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  2. i know its not easy but itll all be over with in a few days just hold on a couple more and youll be happy u did

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