Philippians 2:2

“fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind”. There it is folks, right out of the Bible. “The apostle, Paul, told the Philippian Christians that they would fulfill his joy if they would be like-minded, of one accord, of one mind”

I think, for me, at least, this can be tied to a saying from a 12 step group that I regularly attend. They use the word ‘unity’ to describe it though. Again this is only my perception of it and how it works for me.Though we all recover differently, to be of ‘one accord’, or of ‘one mind’ is extremely important to me. It is important for me to remember where it is that I came from. To remember the pain, guilt,  and shame I felt with the active using lifestyle. To never forget that, ever. The pain was greater than any one man should have to bear. The shame and guilt would devour my very existence if I let it. Most days I was able to push it off being that I was a man of a million faces as I like to put it. I was such a good manipulator that I believed my own lies. On the days that it did start to have a buffet on my soul, I would run faster and harder than ever before. Even if I wasn’t physically moving, I was running in my mind. This was ground zero, my mind. This is where all the demons play. This is where all things happen before they happen, This is where my greatest secrets are kept. This is the place I have constructed   a place so far and deep back in there that I go to that it is hard to find my way back, even today. My therapist says it is normal for people to have such a place. I have not told him yet how comfortable I am there, or how often I go there, or how hard it is to come back sometimes. I will though in time. Back to ground zero, this is the place that I want to strengthen the most. If everything stems from here, why not?  This is also the place that I have the hardest time allowing other people to see. Notice I did not say that I don’t let anyone see it, I am just very selective who and to the extent of what they are allowed to see. I let out a little at a time and is trust is built and sustained, only then do I let out a little more.  It has been working for me pretty well. So, back to one accord and of one mind. I believe this is important, to me, anyways, because there is strength in numbers first of all. Before I was baptized and found the Lord, G.O.D. was my higher power. Meaning, group of drunks. I chose this because there is power in numbers, and only another addict will truly understand me. I still believe there is power in numbers, but there is more in God himself. He is who I choose for my higher power today and that is working for me really well. So, please don’t forget wherever it is you came from. Just like everyone’s recovery is different, so is where everyone came from. I do not compare myself, or the levels of peoples bottoms they hit. The message is the same. I like to spread the message today. I was lost and had no idea that there was hope or help available to me that would work.. so to those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes forever as mine has. God Bless and rip Steve Kniola!!!!14218116_1794568937425881_1059424705_n

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