Happy Veterans Day!

Good Morning. I would like to dedicate today’s entry to our veterans. When I was still active duty, each branch despised the other claiming to be superior. I think we all know who that is, just saying. Now that I am out and considered a veteran, it makes no difference to me what branch, if you were active duty or reserve, or if you saw combat or not. If you served, you sacrificed more than those that didn’t will ever know. So I want to extend a big thank you with much love and mad respect to those who have served. We all need to remember why it is that we have the rights that we do today. The comforts and the freedoms we take for granted every day. So please don’t just thank a vet today, grab one and hug him or her. Let them truly know that you are gratefulwin_20160822_18_36_42_pro for what they voluntarily endured so that we can have what we have!!! God Bless! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day that your life will change for the better as mine has.

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