Then One Day….

Good Morning.  Let’s see who can figure out what I have done here. Once I figured out that “I Love Life Today”, even though I am “Swimming In a Sea of Fears” I discovered that there is “Peace Inside of Chaos.”  I realised that in “Recovery and Mental Illness” There lyes “Smiles and Cries.” God has shown me that being “Alone in a Crowd” isn’t such a bad thing because he always allows someone to “Stand in the Gap” for me. He has shown me “Strength” I would have never known. I have discovered that “The Time is Now” for “Sublimation”. I see now that it is ok to “Walk a Little Slower”, and “Roll the Dice”. I have seen that after the “Disintegration of My Soul” that “Hope is Alive…….”.  I have found that the pain of “Change in Recovery” isn’t that bad because “The Devil is a Liar”. I was forced to use that “Untapped Energy”and “Philippians 2:2” to show you all a “Glimpse Inside a Monster”. I tried to show you all the “Whats Next” while I was “Smiling in The Face of Fear”. I discovered that even when “Elvis Has Left The Building” I must still live “Life On Life’s Terms” and that after I knock down those “walls in Recovery” I must still “Remain Humble” I guess I have always known the answer to “Why Are The Smartest People so Crazy”?  I know today that “Tomorrows Yesterdays” are only a second away and how to separate my “Wants and Needs”  to use my “Confidence Not Arrogance”  to overcome “The Triangle of Self-Obsession14800073_205099789914287_1425801837_o“. I learned that “A Hand Up is Different From a Hand Out”. I have seen the fact that “Anger is a Gift” if I use it the right way. I have proven that no longer do “I Need $ For Beer, Pot, and Hooker”. I have shown you all how “It Only Hurts if I Let It” . I let you all see “A Day In The Life”.  I have tried to show you how to “Change Your Stars” the way that I have successfully done mine. I have been forced to accept that “The Top is Never Far Away From The Bottom” and when all else fails, “Simply Smile”. To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day that your life changes for the better as mine has. God Bless!


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