The Grind

Good Morning. Here we are at another Monday huh? I have said before how much I have come to like Mondays and I’ll say it again. I love Mondays! There has been this false stigma slapped on Mondays for reasons I’ll never understand. Maybe I’m just that sick though. My alarm goes off at the same time seven days a week, 5 am. I have invested so much into my recovery and made such a devoted commitment to change that I look forward to the beginning of a new week for more chances to kill the game. I need more chances to do right where I have went wrong, either in or out of recovery. To an extent the world slows down too much for me on the weekends. I like busy. For me there is peace in chaos. I need noise and movement. The silence is deafening to me that weighs on me like a lead jacket. So bring on Monday. Along with the Monday stigma, too many time today do people react to things by what they already know or expect from a situation. Total horseshit to me. Every day is a chance, a choice, and an opportunity to do bigger and better things. How a situation plays out depends on how I react to it, not by what has happened before. I read or heard somewhere, and I hate these dumb little cliche sayings, but, if I always do what I always did, I’ll always get what I always got! How do people not see this as being the same thing as the definition of insanity? I am tired of people thinking I am insane. I can’t take another person telling me that they are scared of me, or what I am or was scares them. That is truly saddening to me. I make changes happen through prayer and commitment. I lost that self-entitled give me everything attitude, got up off my ass and did shit. Every move I make is positive, it either benefits me and mine or I don’t do it, period. I’m not saying you must live the way I do, I’m just telling you all why I like Mondays so much. I challenge some of you that are still reading this to try it today. I guarantee that some people, as soon as they read I love Mondays were like here we go with this shit and left the page. That’s ok too. Try to look at Monday like a chance, not such an overwhelming obligation. Be grateful you have a job to get up from sleeping in the bed under a roof to go to and make money to support you and yours!!!! Smile all day today even if it fucking kills you to do it, DO IT. Soon you will love Mondays too. To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has. God Bless!!!14813174_205099129914353_311698560_o

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  1. awe i love that picture lol. made another monday your bitch, huh? killer job with the food drive baby. so proud to call you mine because of your selflessness and wanting to give back to others. this is one of the many reasons i love the man you are. i am so proud of everything you do and the heart that you have and even more proud to call you mine. hugs and kisses pumpkin, xoxo

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