Hope IS Alive….

Good morning. So I have decided to let you all in a little more. I am going to post a paper I wrote for one of my English classes. I think it is time that everyone hears my story. I want those out there who think they are stuck to read about an example of an addict who was just as lost and had no hope. Please take the time andwin_20161122_17_21_22_pro read a small portion of what is my story. rachel-and-jay  So there it is. It’s in word doc format. I hope it’s accessible to you all. If for some reason there is a problem with it, leave me a comment and I will address the issue in a prompt matter. Along with spreading hope, I would just like to say a few other things about what I have discovered in recovery. Hope and clean time are important, yes, but putting clean clothes on a garbage can is exactly just that, a dressed up garbage can. I refuse to compare myself to a garbage can, but I was in a bad place in active addiction. In recovery, I have discovered that drugs were not my only issue. I have discovered God in my recovery. I was baptised in July of this year. This new connection with God is probably the most powerful thing I have experienced in my life. That is, of things I can not physically see, hear, or touch. Never underestimate the power of prayer folks, never. Next, I have found a new and real meaning to the word love. I used to say it a lot. It was a predetermined response first of all. Then when I was saying it first, I had selfish reasons for doing so. It was just another word to me. I do not think love is actually strong enough of a word to describe what I feel today for the woman in my life. She is another unbelievable discovery. I had no idea that a woman, or just even a person, existed like her. She is smart, warm, funny, and has the most beautiful and brightest soul I have ever seen. She is a huge inspiration to me. I have also found laughter. I have never laughed as hard in my life as I have recently. I have discovered honesty is really the best policy. Be honest everywhere with everyone, not just with lawyers and doctors. I have discovered that its ok to fall down, because tomorrow is going to come, and I will have a chance to do it all over again the right way. Failure is a part of accomplishments. I am also discovering who Jay is. I have so many dreams today that do not include good dope. My imagination is like a kaleidoscope in overdrive. I have learned I like school. This is just a very small list, but I just wanted to put some of it out there for the ones who were having a hard time seeing that change, hope, and a better life are possible. I choose to live a better life today. You can too. Today is, hug someone having a bad day Saturday. No, just hug everyone you see today! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day that your life changes for the better as mine has! God Bless! Be easy friends!

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