Then One Day….

Just thought this was too cool to not repost…..

The Struggle is R e a l

Good Morning.  Let’s see who can figure out what I have done here. Once I figured out that “I Love Life Today”, even though I am “Swimming In a Sea of Fears” I discovered that there is “Peace Inside of Chaos.”  I realised that in “Recovery and Mental Illness” There lyes “Smiles and Cries.” God has shown me that being “Alone in a Crowd” isn’t such a bad thing because he always allows someone to “Stand in the Gap” for me. He has shown me “Strength” I would have never known. I have discovered that “The Time is Now” for “Sublimation”. I see now that it is ok to “Walk a Little Slower”, and “Roll the Dice”. I have seen that after the “Disintegration of My Soul” that “Hope is Alive…….”.  I have found that the pain of “Change in Recovery” isn’t that bad because “The Devil is a Liar”. I…

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