Putting it all to Work

Good morning  to all my faithful readers. Here we are at another Monday. a fresh start to a fresh week. Another chance to do what we couldn’t or didn’t know how to before. My girlfriend and I are extremely blessed with an opportunity  to do this from our new home. It is truly time to put everything we have learned so far to work, not just in recovery, but in life. My friend wrote on my timeline last week, the bigger the test the bigger the testimony. I love that. I’m not looking to be boastful as I am hoping those who fear change and feel hopeless will see what we are doing and want the same. That maybe they will see hope and faith and recovery are possible .  I must go now and make Monday wish it had another name! To those of you in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes forever  as mine has  and continues. If no one told you yet today, I love you and you matter!img_3210


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