The Power of Choice

Good morning to all my faithful readers. The title I chose was a topic in Friday’s NA meeting .  It rings true in my ears just as much today as it has in many days past. I am not sure the exact date on which I chose to take the stance of remaining positive no matter what, and keeping love in my heart, but I bet if I looked at my calender or day planner hard enough I could pin point it, because that decision alone was a game changer. I learned about choosing the right mindset in an 8 week excelerated course I made an A in this semester called On Course. I learned  about choosing between having a creator or victim  mindset. The victim mindset would have a person throwing blame on a situation as the sole reason for failures. Finding excuses for all things that do not go right in their lives. Now we addicts, especially  me, are very good at this, for it helped justify my using. The other choice, the creator mindset, is how I have chose to live ever since learning the difference about these two. In the creator mindset, I choose to look at not just, but especially  failures, as how could I have done more? How could this been done different? It requires taking responsibility for  my life and all my little character defects. I know I have a busy Monday morning, so I do everything I can Sunday night to make it flow easier. I go to bed earlier and get up earlier to make sure what needs  to get accomplished ,  does. When and if it doesn’t or something goes wrong, I don’t look for scapegoats, but I first take an honest look at the situation for how or where I went wrong. What could I have done different? Now this way of thinking is not easy. I am harder on myself than anyone out there and I still do not like to be wrong, but I made a commitment  to myself. I CHOOSE  to remain positive because though having a creator  mindset may be painful at times, living the way I used to hurt a lot more. It’s a choice folks. A conscience  decision many times a day I make. I hope you all have a great Monday. Dislike the disease, not the diseased. To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has and continues. God Bless! If no one told you today, I love you and you matter!!!20161101_181935

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