The Dawn Shall Rescue Me Once More…

Hey, I’ve been down, but not out. The flu overcame me faster than ever before. This on top of some personal issues made today quite challenging. I made it though. Not only made it, but I kicked today square in the nuts! A positive attitude, prayers, and a support team that words can’t describe helped immensely. Every inch of my body, mind, heart and soul wanted to just throw in the towel today. I don’t mean go and use, I just really had the fuck-it’s today, BAD.  Some people close to me are going through it, so I am in turn going through it. But where do the people that people turn to for help, turn to for help? I go to God, and then the next best thing, Miss Toni Mandeville. She has been a rock not only in my recovery, but as a friend as well. I’ve learned that proud mouths go hungry. On the contrary, the Marine Corps made me believe certain things were a sign of weakness. I can no longer afford to be to proud to ask for help. To me showing or admitting defeat helps me become stronger. When I say the dawn shall rescue me, what I mean is that the sunrise brings a new day, a fresh start. Nothing about time itself will cure an ill of mine, but with each new day I am afforded on this earth is another day to conquer any and all obstacles I have. If I made it through today as well as I did, tomorrow is looking real good! So I will continue on with my commitment to remain positive and keep love in my heart, because it’s not only working, it’s making me feel better and more confident with each passing day. I am no where close to perfect and never will be, but each day is better than the day before and for that, I am grateful. Thank you Miss Toni!!! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes forever as mine is. God bless! If no one told you they love you today, I love you and you matter!20161225_151635.jpg

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