Who Are You in The Matter?

Hello to all reading this! Tough question for myself some days. Addicts undoubtly hurt themselves. We put ourselves through every pain imaginable, emotional, physical, mental, and a few that don’t even exist to non addicts. But what we don’t realize, or at least my blind eyes didn’t see, was the extent of who we were hurting around us. This is crazy, this little big disease called addiction. It’s really a fucking monster that resides in the house of ill repute and whose doors are always open. So for me, what or who I choose to be in the matter is, well, CLEAN! It’s a choice for sure, now that I  am clean, but when I was using, to not use meant death. I don’t have another recovery in me. God has blessed me with this one, and I’m running with it. I’m sitting through meetings with it. I answer calls at night with it even when I’m sick. I will not let it go. It has become my new addiction. My new life. So I remain clean today for myself, and for those around me! Today, that is all I have to give. To those of you in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has and continues to.  I love you and you matter god bless!1483102897235140716538.jpg

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