Poor Boy…

Poor boy he had dreams he’s from a broken family

He used to be in the blotter in all the news papers

A lot of things have changed since those days

Too much time livin with my own disease

Too many lies blurring out all the boundaries

Things will never be as they used to be

All my friends fell by the way side

Burnt bridges and lost lovers take it all in stride

Closed doors and missed opportunities

With eyes closed it’s real fucking plain to see

I’m not the boy that I used to pretend to be

Doing the recovery hustle some days with two lead feet

Poor boy got clean and never once looked back

Everyday his heart is under attack

His mind is racin it’s a new life he’s chasin

Just a turtle in this rat race tears rolling down his face

Poor boy is ok with last place

Poor boy stand up sit down

Lookin down with no one around

He finds strength from within the chains by which he’s bound

Poor boy you can’t fucking hold him down

God Bless who ever gets in his way

Poor boy tomorrow is another day…14813416_205100116580921_794208476_o


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