It Gets Better…

Good morning to all. Tuesday’s are statistically the most productive day of the week. So let’s see what happens today. Woke up clean again after a trying day yesterday. Life was that slippery little evolving bitch I talked about her being. That’s ok though, we, my girl and I, remained positive and kept doing the next right thing and eventually made it to bed to put an end to the day. As we did I realized it’s getting better. Not where I would like to be, definitely not where we used to be, but grateful for where we ended up, together. As difficult as it is at times, to remain positive is working for me. Sometimes I have to look a little longer, or a little harder to find a positive in a negative, but I always do. For that I am truly grateful. It’s a choice I will continue to keep making. So as I prepare for the start of my day, I pray for patience, strength, and wisdom for all out there needing it today. For me God gives me chances to be all these things, so come on with a positive and productive Tuesday,  because Monday was a wash for me this week. So the picture I posted with this blog is what it feels like to remain positive when I’m dying inside, sorry if it grosses some of you out. To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has.  I love you and you matter to me!20161101_150349

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