Good morning and what a morning it is!! Woke up clean, feeling good and accomplished all I had planned before I even left the house. Things are looking up in areas of my life that were dark for a minute there. But, remaining positive and doing the next right thing has paid off again! I often hear in meetings, people will say, “how you living bro?”. Well, today I’m living life to its fullest! I’m doing the work required to live a better life. Sometimes the positive results take some time to see or feel, or are so small it takes some squinting to see , but they do reveal themselves. I am no saint, i still have slips, put my foot in my mouth, and my temper needs much work. But when I fall, I get back up. The foot in my mouth thing is happening less and less as I learn more patience and become a better listener. Church and praying, along with reading my bible are proving to be more influential than I ever imagined. I bought a study bible from the book store at my church and it has a truth and action section where it fully explains the scripture and gives examples of how to live a more godly life. Everything I do has a positive influence on my future, or I don’t do it, period. I’m on track for the next semester to jump off and growing more excited by the day. The whole college thing is proving to be an experience I cherish and am so grateful for the opportunity. M.R.T. workbook I am working out of with Miss TONI is an eye opener I never knew was possible. I am learning so much from this. It alone has helped me change many things about myself I never knew were wrong with me. So again I am not writing about all these things to be boastful, but to show that hope is alive and well in recovery. I want to be seen, yes, but simply so that the still suffering addict can see that it is possible to change your stars and to never stop reaching for the stars. Also, I would like to remind those that may have forgotten, or inform those that may not know, I am available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help any that reach out. My phone # is 574- 440- 2864, I never shut it off! If I can’t help you, I will not stop until i find you that help required to. To those of you out there in the grip of it, i pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has and continues to. God bless! I love you and you matter!20170111_081434

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