Into the depths of Reality, head first…

Switched accounts on my sharing option.

The Struggle is R e a l

Good morning to all that lay eyes on this. What a day. Today is the day. If you can play van Morrison’s into the mystic while reading this as I haven’t had the flow to upgrade yet to play it on here for you. So reader participation is born. Today is that day I have dreaded for the past 233 days. The heartbreak. The love lost. The “one” that slipped right through her hands and she let it, almost threw it away. Sad. It hurts. Stings. But what can I really do about it? Move on with my head held high even though I am crying hysterically. The first song I heard this morning was Zeppelins I can’t quit you baby, it has become the days catalyst. It was what got me sparked this morning. My mind and imagination is exploding. Dreams are being dreamed and achieved and lived! I don’t have…

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