You Can See My Tears…

Good morning. I’m going through it this morning. The struggle is real. Todays title is an MGK song which has become todays catalyst, amongst a couple of other things I awoke to. I’m going to use some of his lyrics and mix some of mine in to part of this song to try and explain what is devouring my emotions this morning. here we go….Everyday I wake up to the same shit, I feel like a square peg in a round world, I don’t fit. You cant see my tears in the rain. Everyday i deal with my feelings and wanna say fuck it thats it I quit. But ill be damned if I let it strip me of me. Everyday I pray for rainEveryday I deal with the doubts and fears, The Struggle is real. One step forward and three back. I do I twelve step when one step never lasts for those around me when they are dancing on my feelings with wild disconcern. Some people will never learn. I see their fear, I feel their pain, as I cry in the rain. I am sad today, really sad. But all I can do is pray. We are what they say we are. I cant help but hang my head a little low this morning. I feel like I could have done more. I feel like I failed. I am deeply deeply saddened. Loss for words even….To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has. God bless. I love you and you matter! LACE UP!!!!


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