Big Lizard In My Backyard!

Hey, what’s going on out there today? So I decided to change it up a little today and just share a little something I wrote on lunch the other day. Its just a funny quirky little story I wrote using mostly all song titles. Now it wasn’t finished so I am going to finish it on the fly as I am writing it. The song title is a punk type band from the eighties I love, The Dead Milkmen. Here we go….The Devil named music made me do it because I cant get no satisfaction. Theres no rest for the wicked when youre always asking cant you see? I met a girl, Jolene, She asked me, are you gonna take me out? Crazy bitch! I guess she never heard the in sound from way out then. I am coming undone and my skin is crawling because I fell in love with a girl and she uses jelly. It has me on the edge of desire and its only gravity that holds me down when Im walking on a dream.If Im not careful, i could end up on that crazy train again, snowblind. My buddy told me he too met a girl, she got long brown wavy hair. I said yeah I know her shes that long cool woman in a black dress. He said yup I love the brown sugar. Left for work today wearing my pumped up kicks thinking i wish it would rain because we are working down by the river. All I ever see there are girls girls girls, makes me wanna shout at the devil only then to find myself knocking on heavens door because i live in the united states of whatever. So I ask you, mother should i trust the government? Sometimes you must groove holmes and untie the noose! Its only friday and already tuesdays gone. After work ill be on a midnight train to memphis to see jessica. I bought her some scarlet begonias and she told me its not my cross to bare. After I told her you really got a hold on me. She said its what i got. I said yeah? You cant give it away now when there is flys in the vasoline. She told me she is floating down a river of deceit on her way to paradise city. I told her ive been there but I flew like a freebird cuz I need you! She said im yours. Next stop, f stop blues! and when she has bubbletoes everything is a wrecking ball. Makes you feel like gods gonna cut you down when ive been evrywhere man with the cocaine blues. I heard them say that boys a timebomb. his girls name is ruby soho and shes hard to handle. So i rode out on a horse with no name. only after she asked what am i to you? I said now your just someone i used to know. Well there it is! Obviously I could go on and on but i have a quiz to take for school and other sunday funday activities to enjoy. So yeah, life in recovery has taught me or showed me that my imagination is my friend. To not be so scared of it, of new things and to have some confidence and stretch. To put out there the things that go on up in there. So I hope this was enjoyable. There are many genres of music in this and i did not make the song titles known so please, do tell me how many you find and if you have never heard of one, give it a listen, you may like it. I did not do a grammar check on this as some of my stuff is just not perfect, thats the way i want it seen, read, felt, and viewd because i am not perfect. This is me, this is who I am, what I am! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day you find some peace. That today you can see things with a new set of eyes and hear with a new set of ears! God bless. I love you and you matter!!!!!!!win_20170122_12_53_18_pro

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