“That’s The Fact, Jack”!!!

Good Morning to all reading this and those not too! So some changes in my life lately, big ones as well as little ones. Now change for me used to be scary to the point that I avoided it like the plague. It still can be, but not in a scary way, its more like unsure of what direction to take would be the best route for me. I almost like change, almost. I look forward to new things that arewin_20170125_08_10_23_pro for sure. I fear what I do not know still and I mean who doesn’t right? A certain amount of fear keeps me on the straight and narrow because without negative consequences, why would I not change my behaviors? So today I embrace change. I look for ways to make it benefit me and mine the best way possible. I learn it, master it, become it, live it!  Going to keep it short today, I think the message is big enough and clear enough to keep it that way. The fact the title is referring to would be that chang is going to happen, it’s inevitable. So rather than avoid it, or try to, embrace it. Be free of the anxiety that things that are unknown to you bring along with them. Stretch. Try out something new. Learn a new song. Take a different way home. Embrace the unknown! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that you find peace and serenity. I pray that you find the strength to fight, to live through another day, or another five seconds. IGod Bless! I love you and you matter to me!

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