Good morning.

Come on and rob me again

Go ahead and take it

You already know where I keep it

Take it because I’m too scared to give it away again

Give me some salvation

Take it while I wipe off my lens of perception

Knock downs and drug out is not what this was supposed to be about

Don’t speak, close your mouth

TAKE IT I’ll turn around

12 steppin around town

The time is now-tomorrow never comes

Come on now and give me some salvation

No more no more I can’t take no more

Got me on the floor

There’s the door so hit it

Your name no more out my mouth will I spit it

Come on now and give me some salvation

Smiles and cries and all the lies have broken the ties16357891_353924034991381_812550015_o

You don’t have eyes but holes to your soul

Cold emotionless and dark

There never was no spark

We never were no team

Only a dream

A broken one now

Done trying to figure out how

Come on now and give me salvation

I forgive you but not for you, for me

The love in my heart made me blind but now I see

This, was NEVER meant to be

Come on now and give me some salvation!

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