” I Was Wrong ” !!!

Hello, hey, hi, and all that good stuff. Freedom, means different things to different people. I have different views on it myself as a veteran. The freedom I speak of right now is the freedom of choice. The freedom that many will never have, or ever be able to see possible and therefore continue on living in pain. I have come to learn that no matter what happened yesterday, 5 minutes ago, or just in my past in general, is fixable. Everything can be fixed with the right attitude, the right eyes, the right something. Just inject the word something in front of any positive verb and there you go. Because what are my options? To roll over and die? To give in to the wretched monster of addiction? No thanks, been there. I need to live today, I choose to live for all the yesterdays past that are gone to never be gotten again. For tear I have ever cried. For every time I said I was ok and I wasn’t. For every tomorrow that is not promised, I live today. For every lost soul who cant find their way. For every addict that doesn’t know how. For everyone in the grip that’s dying inside. For every veteran brother and sister doing what most will never be able to fathom. For all those single mothers in the struggle. For every father that lost what he will never know he had. For me, I live today. For me, I pray for tomorrow. For every kid that grows up without his parents. For every homeless man, woman, and child out there. I live for that guy on the street holding the sign that people drive by and judge. For those that have to go to bed hungry because the raccoons beat them to the garbage. For those who have ever had the business end of a shot gun in their mouth. For those that can’t find the words. For those who can’t find therWIN_20170129_13_09_32_Pro.jpg ears if they had the words. For the ones who are in this hell on Eart. I live another ” Night on Earth” To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray for today is the day you need it to be! God Bless. I love you and you matter!

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