One day you’ll look for it, and it’ll be gone…

Good mooning! That it I am referring to can be anything. It can be anyone. Life, she’s a slippery little bitch as I’ve said before. My diseases, yeah plural, make it harder to maintain a grip on her than it is to grab a handful of water. Ain’t nobody got time for that! My insecurities, my jealous tendencies, my ocd, me being an addict, PTSD, and you see where I am going right? I make shit complicated, complex, and twist up a rather simple situation because, well I really don’t know why. I do find myself doing it still though. How to fix something one doesn’t quite understand, hmmmmm. Life, shes also quick, short, and sparadic. She likes to sneak by unnoticed. Too often do I find myself missing something I didn’t understand or k ow I had. Even more often, I feel like I’m the one that slipped right from the grasp of another. Like hey, you, yeah you! I’m right here! Hey! Ahh, ok. Life’s too short. I need another day in the week. I need seven more hours in the day. Prioritize you say? Ok. While I’m making a priority list, life’s going hey, hey you, yeah you, here I am. And there she goes. Patience, pray for it at wal mart and end up at the end of the line. So where dies praying for life to slow down put me? Right in the motherfucking fast lane, with the hammer to the wood! Hold on! Curve ahead! And its raining! No brakes! Whiteknuckles! Well at least I have my seatbelt on and I’m not drunk or high when the crash happens. Not sure exactly where I’m going with this blog. My mind is at lightspeed this morning. I wish I could just write all day sometimes. Stay up! Realize that life just turned on the nitrous bottle with wreckless abandon in mind. So look with open eyes for whatever your it is. Whatever sparks you, grab it! Hold that shit down! To those of you in the grip, hold on brother, I’m praying. Praying for you to find the it that saves giyr fucking life, because I love you and you matter!!!! God bless!20170130_033054.jpg

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