“True Believers”

Good morning my friends! So I often write on here about those in the struggle, those that have lost their way, or those that have lost all hope. This one is for the ones who have found something to believe in again so the ones who have not or can not may see that the elusive “it” is out there and maintainable. I have found mine. Sometimes, and more so than not, I find “it” again everyday for the first time. My life is constantly changing for the good, evolving, moving up. So a lot of this is new to me. My likes, my dislikes, they change. I am still in the process of discovering who Jason is. I have a basic idea, a basic set of morals and ethics that I follow along with my Bible, but who I am changes daily, and sometimes more often than that. I find “it” though every day. Sometimes it ain’t where I would have ever expected, or what I ever dreamed it to be, but I find it. Sometimes I have to trip over “it” a few times before I am like what the fuck keeps tripping me up? And BAM! There “it” is! This one is for the “True Believers”. The ones who get up, get out, and look for “it”! I see you! I know the struggle is real, I live it! Keep goin! The rewards are worth it and they do come, well you know if you are one of the “True Believers” Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger, greater than themselves. I do and I am. I fall down, but I get back up! This new life I live, oh how wonderful it is. To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has. Believe! To all my “True Believers” out there, I see you! You are a fucking rock star14813416_205100116580921_794208476_o of epic proportion! And to everyone that hasn’t been told yet today and fear they may not, I love you and you matter to me!!! God Bless!

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