“How Many More Times”

Good morning my friends. 257 days clean today! Killing it! I’ve been having a lot of good days stack up lately. When I say good days allow me to retort; what I mean by a good day is this, and it changes from day to day, my definition of a good day that is, A good day is typically one that flows, you know? There doesn’t seem to be very much resistance from life. There’s not a lot of issues that arise from bad decisions made in the past or just from life itself. A good day includes a lot of laughs, smiles all day long, and tears of joy that wash away the tears of sadness.  Because let’s face it, I don’t really wanna have a day where I do not cry because that would mean my feelings were dulled or the day was just that bland, so yeah crying isn’t always a bad thing for me. A good day could mean accomplishing many things or by not doing anything except remaining clean and just breathing! And sometimes, not so much lately, though, those days are all I can seem to put together and that’s ok!! A good day includes seeing another addict alive to live another day and celebrate his or her clean time. A good day, You will know it when you have one, or two, or three……So on to the title of today’s post. It’s16651030_358850577832060_305737707_o a Led Zep tune that was on my earphones as I woke up this morning. Not sure how many Zeppelin fans that are reading this, but if you are friends with me, you gotta be one. Have a good listen to this song. I mean really listen to it. He’s mostly talking about a girl here, and that’s ok, it applies to my life these days too, but I know I can apply this to so many things in my life. The changes in the song too are meaningful in that they can resemble actual changes occurring in my life. I really love the opening sledgehammer of that bassline and the guitar come in and out so and the crashes of the symbols are life slapping me in the face! Yeah, this song right here boy! Check it out, great cut. So to those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day you need it to be. God Bless! I love you and you matter to me! Stay up…..


  1. So happy for you and it just so happens Led Zep is my all time favorite band, this song is a great one! Congrats on your sobriety, I’ve got 9 months on the 12th!

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