Rise and Fall…

Hello to all my true believers. Mirrors! I used to avoid em at all fucking cost! I could not stand nor stomach the sight of who I was, who I had become, who I wasn’t, who I thought I could never be. I just didn’t look into mirrors or anything that would give a reflection of the scared, lost, out of control child I was. The song I posted before this is called Mirrors by Lil Wayne. Please, if you have never heard this please give it a shot and listen to it! Such a powerful song and great video. I am so jealous of the content of the lyrics. I can relate on so many levels. Like when he says ” I see the truth in your lies, I see your soul through your window pain”! the guilt beneath the shame, how nobody is by your side but I am with you when you’re alone…. Just wow. How I look just like my dad16780469_364146163969168_1125349975_n and look good in a broken mirror. I had a moment back when I was at the vet center when my eyes met my eyes for the first time, wow. Yeah but even though I was crying it was a good cry because I could see change. I could see the man I was and have since become. It was beautiful. I rise and fall daily. Sometimes a few times. I have failures. I bite off more than I can chew. I am nowhere near perfect and that is ok. I am me. I am who I never dreamed I could be. I am Jason. I am a different person every morning. I am a little better each day with each new sunrise. I do still get overwhelmed pretty easy by the good and the bad, the struggle is real! Short, sweet and to the point tonight! To those of you in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes for the better. I love you and you matter to me. God bless and stay up!

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  1. So glad that you did and yes, you are right, that was the day you completely changed because I saw the difference in you for myself. You started walking a little taller and had a different light inside of you that radiated without effort. The way i’ve been working on myself, hopefully my moment with the mirror is not too far away. I love this song…blew me away when I heard it for the first time and I listened to it all day. I don’t think it could ever get old hearing it. I love you Jason, xo.

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