Nine months…

Good morning to all my true believers out there that made it through another night! This blog is dedicated to all of those who have ever been through it and made it out clean on the other end!!! This ones dedicated to all them single parents working sixty hours a week fighting addiction, still making meetings and smiling! This ones for the ones that rocked back and forth on the ground all night watching the phone and the clock waiting for the dope man to fucking answer! I know the struggle is real, I am struggle! This ones for everyone who ever said I couldn’t do it! This ones for the ones who helped me do it! This ones for all of you out there that are doing it, I see you! NINE MOTHERFUCKING MONTHS! LIKE A BOSS! Nine months means so much more to me today! I see things differently. I feel today like never before. My lens of perception has not only been wiped off, but turned into the Hubble telescope, literally overnight! NINE MONTHS!! Sounds cool to me. Hopelessness no longer has me by the throat, I can breathe today, this morning. I can sit and let it in, soak it in, smile, cry, laugh, frown, and move on  and not use over it! Miss Toni, you are a big part of this! Rachel, so are you! I have learned so much, but more importantly, I am open minded enough to know I have so much more to learn and the willingness and hunger to do just that. One day folks, one day the letters Dr. Will be in front of my name! Just Wait and see. I am coming for everything they said I could never have, all if it!!! Nine months folks, nine long months! Just wait for nine more months, wait until you see what I’m posting then, just saying… Life is good, God is great, and hope is my next breathe of air today in recovery. Stay up, way up! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changed forever as mine has and continues to. I love you and you matter to me!!20170305_042042

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