A second chance at life, again…

Good morning to all my true believers!!! Good morning to anyone going through it or been through it! The song i posted before this, Breakdown, by Jack Johnson, is one of my favorites! Great artist. He’s a good surfer too. In fact his album titled September Sessions, yeah those are some notorious sets of waves off the north shore that happen in September, so September sessions was born. That song though, means a lot to me, its carried me through some of my darkest hours and today, even though i will never forget those dark times, today this song has new meaning to me! I have speed my life up to the point if not noticing things. I mean, I am on a schedule to the point where I find myself forgetting to smile, I can’t gave that! I am a miracle in so many ways. I am blessed beyond words! Why am I still living, why hasn’t my disease or the life taken me? The things I’ve witnessed most could not bear. So why hasn’t God just taken me yet? He has not only not taken me, but he has blown life back into my lungs more times than I can count! Because he has a plan not just for me, but others that cross paths with me that’s why. I have been blessed with a second chance at life this morning g again! I am blessed beyond words! Breakdown, yeah I just did, in tears. I’m gonna slow it down today. I’m gonna breakdown a few things to make that happen. ” I got no time to get to where I don’t need to be” Enjoy that song! Smile and love today, without limits or judgments or conditions! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is your day! I pray life breaks down so to speak for you!! God bless and stay up!! I love you and you matter to me!!!20170221_172834

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