How can this be Happening?!

Good morning to all my true believers. Its a good morning for me because I woke up clean again in the Arms of the woman i love. I am also taking my first guy to inpatient treatment this morning!win_20170117_07_48_04_pro It is a sad one too though for another one is lost to the disease of addiction. Another mother, father, son, daughter, or friend is gone forever. I can’t help but wonder what societies stigmas did to prevent this person from finding the life saving help and relief needed. This disease fucking kills! Period. I know I have put my number out there before, but here it is again, 574-440-2864. I promise you a couple things along with my phone number. First, no judgments, not now, not ever. Second, I will not stop until I have found you some sort of help! Neither will my partner, my girlfriend, my sponsors, or anyone atatched to me because I surround myself with these types of people anymore. You are not alone. There are rooms in this county, city, state, country, and all over the glad be full of people who me! I love you and you matter to me! It is with a heavy heart I will go on today not only because of another death, but because I know the struggle, I AM STRUGGLE! But, because of the blinding light that is hope in recovery, I am able to live life on life’s terms without the need for drugs and alcohol! Any addict can change. Any addict can do, well anything we want! We have great people with huge hearts! Hardworking and resourceful like no others I have ever known. But that thousand pound phone only got lighter for me the more about used it! Prayers! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray harder than ever before that today is the day your life changes forever as mine has. God bless and stay up. I love you and you fucking matter to me!

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