Hi, I’m Jason and I am an Addict!

good morning to all the true believers out there! Prayers to the ones in the grip and to the ones we lost to this monster we call the disease of addiction! One day at a time is all I am blessed with and all I can focus on. Shit! Sometimes it’s one minute, one second at a time still and probably will be forever and I am ok with that. I get so involved with things and want it all and I want it now dammit! I do not mean I want it all as in money and material things either. Those of you that know me know what money means to me. I am rich in ways that money will never touch! I mean I want all of the pain to stop for all that suffer. I wish that it was easier for others to see that hope is not just another four-letter word. Hopelessness no longer has me by the fucking throat! I want for things that will never happen in one day! I am Jason and I am an addict! They should have never let me in the building! I am blessed with one day and so one day at a time I will do everything in my power. I think I have been underestimated, naWIN_20170322_21_43_25_Prow, I know I have. Some things can not be taught or learned from a book or a degree. Some things I learned the hard way from the mean streets, somethings people just have or they don’t and a lifetime of one day at a times will do nothing to help them help others, but bless their hearts for being in the right place. I am blessed to work with some great people. I am blessed to have THE support team in recovery and in life. I am Jason and I am an addict. One day huh? Today though boy today is the day. Upping my game I promise you that. Someone go and get some wood screws cuz I am about to start blowing doors off! I am Jason and I am not just another addict! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day that your life changes forever as mine has and continues! God bless and stay up. I love you and you matter!

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