The best is yet to come

Hello to all out there reading this and staying clean with me! So many good things today I do not even know where to begin my friends! Me and my woman volunteered today at the Barker Mansion here in City and it felt awesome for them to see me again and healthy and clean this time! This is all through the program I now oversee at Keys to Hope called The Volunteers with Smiles Program. I went to this same type of event last year and was so high on heroin I could barely do anything more than not die! So that amongst the other things that went on here at work that the participants are doing that bring tears to my eyes for real man! It is happening all around me, all around us! It is truly a beautiful thing! So feeling it and loving me some Monday today! A special family member needs some prayers today and that is all I can say. Gonna go out on a good note. To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day that your life changes forever as mine has and continues to. God bless and stay up. I love you and you matter to me!17776706_385991605117957_954565264_o

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