When Life tries to show me who the Boss is…

Hello to all reading this! To all them true believers out there going through it on the daily and refuse to give in, to give up. For those that find the positive in every situation! Because there truly is! I have compared what “LIFE” is to a lot of things, a slippery little bitch is the most common for me. I am not trying to be sexist by any means by referring to life as a she or a bitch so please, inside voices as you cuss at my post. The song I posted before this, FACE TO THE FLOOR, by, CHEVELLE, is a fucking great one too! She, life, has this way of coming out of nowhere and slamming my face right down on the concrete just to show me, or try and show me who the boss is. Funny thing, though, My grandpa’s name was BOSS! Boss Blackwell, no middle name! That’s right bitch! ( directed at life, the bitch comment) She can try, and try she does, but Blackwell’s have this grit about them! Maybe it’s just more of the when you are dumb you gotta be tough, well yeah I am tough I guess, but am also maintaining a 4.0 for the second semester in a row. In fact, it’s over that right now and gaining as I turn in every assignment! So yeah FUCK YOU LIFE AND BRING THE NOISE! I cannot and will not be stopped! I get slammed, but I get back up, every time and stronger as I do! Positivity and prayer go a long way to help me to keep getting up. I refuse to be cognitively distorted either. Just because a situation turned out one way on one day does not mean it will always be that way again in the future even the good outcomes! Must, keep on, going! If the horse doesn’t pull you gotta carry the load! That’sWIN_20170404_15_28_09_Pro some Grateful Dead for you all that did not know it! This too shall pass, even the good times! I love life today! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day that your life changes forever as mine has and continues to! God Bless and stay up! I love you and you matter to me! Oh yeah, I HAVE TEN MONTHS CLEAN TODAY!!!!!!!

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