This one’s for you…

Good morning to all the true believers out there doing your thing and keeping it real! I see you! I woke up clean again, 302 fucking days and murderously long nights! A lot of us in this world, me especially, Like to think that the long, skinny arm of life can’t reach us. WRONG!!!! Not only can she reach me with that long and skinny arm, she fucking slams my face down to the cold hard concrete with it and fingers an open wound until I am begging for mercy! Life can be a lot of things, but relentless and cold and unforgiving are just a few things she will always be and seems to like showing me this at some really strange times. This post IS for you reading this right now! Yeah, YOU! This post is for my late friend Steve Kniola. This not was, but is, the most real brother I have ever had! I could talk for days about why I feel this way about him, but those memories are mine to keep! I drive past Jackson street every day and think about you bro! I look at your picture every day and wish! I have some of you with me today, literally, and some of the parts of you I have is going to go in the ink of my next tattoo so that a part of you will always live on in me! R.I.P. BROTHER! This one is for you!

That same long and skinny arm of life is reaching out and touching people I love these days and so many in the past. I sat in an NA meeting last night and was brought to tears from a number of newcomers in the room. Two of which specifically warmed my breaking fucking heart! I’m not gonna name drop em, but I was so happy to see them but wished they never had to feel the pain they said they had and I could visibly see on them. It’s a beautiful thing, but one for which I wish there was not a need for, make sense? I love you guys! Too often lately, the sneaky and stinky arm of addiction is trying to choke out my loved ones! Not today beaattcchhh! They know what’sWIN_20170406_05_39_07_Pro14218116_1794568937425881_1059424705_n up and have reached out for help and guess what? They are getting it! Hope does exist in recovery and they are seeing the light from new eyes! Life, she is a slippery little bitch, but she can also be the greatest gift in the world too! As is the same for where I work. The momentum shift is in motion. I see men and women reaching out for help more and more every day. I see them doing for themselves things they did not believe they could in the past! It’s a beautiful thing, truly beautiful! I am blessed up beyond words! So be aware of that skinny long arm reaching out. If you see it and are lucky enough to notice it, slap it a high five and tell her to keep it moving! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has and continues to. God bless and stay up. I love you and you matter to me!


  1. So well said. My three sons are in recovery. Addicts when sober are some of the best strongest and most courageous people in the planet. Best to you. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Ive never met a weak addict or one that wasn’t full of courage in or out of recovery. It takes a lot of grit to do what we do everyday to get that next one. Congrats to you and your sons as it takes a lot to recover as well! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog! This, is what keeps me going every day!

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