Life goes on…

Hello to all them true believers waking up clean with me again, 311 days and still killing the fucking game! Started a union roofing gig yesterday, I know right. My opinion of the unions I have been in, in the past, has been a raunch one. But on the flip side to that, so was my mindset and the way i lived my life. My foreman introduced me as Jason and he’s a Marine too so don’t fuck with him he’s family now! It was fucking sweet! All day each guy and I would talk as we worked about who we were and in talking with one I had said I don’t have much family and even fewer friends and he replied with “well you have us is now brother”! I swear to God it was all I had to keep from crying! Didn’t wanna get beat up on the job my first day had to save something for day two, just playing. So I guess when one door shuts a bigger better one does open for those that keep turning door knobs! The picture attached to this is a few of my other family and friends at the meeting the other night, I love you all! Headed out to make that holiday pay now as life does go on. To those of you out there in the grip of it, i pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has and continues to.  God Bless and stay up. I love you and you matter to me!20170413_182806

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