Empty cup…

I sit still and try to breathe once again as i think of all the places I’ve been

Trying to breathe, and then just before the frustration sets in… I remember what you said!

As my emotions are having fits its hard not to say its over! Thats all! Thats it! I quit!

Not sure for how long, but I realize I’m crying as i listen to this here song. Trying to breathe, but all i can do is cough and spit!

Not too many will understand when I say this, but what a long strange trip!

As i fall backwards from lifes unseen blows, i look up at all the judge mental eyes instead of the hand that no one throws

My cup is half empty, my cup is half full. Shit, some people only spit in my dog bowl, on the ground

Its  All good though i can take it cuz I’m the best fighter around pound for pound

God didnt make me a warrior, a fighter, or a soldier

He made me aMarine! Something yall know nothing yall, not even in your wildes20170419_104955t fucking Dream!

Blackwell out. I’m tired!


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