Hey, hi and hello to all.

I make you laugh, you make me cry

It gets easier and easier to say goodbye

But it’s getting harder and harder to turn my frown upside down

I’m coughing and spitting, crying and tripping. I scream for help and look around, but you ain’t even in town

Don’t know how to keep picking up the slack when I’m constantly pulling these knives out a my back

I refuse to be that guy from the other side of the trax!

Hand in motherfucking hand, but I’m not sure how much more I can stomach let alone stand

I’ve been through a lot too

I’ve got feelings just like you

I’m not sure what the next right thing is to do, because this is no longer about just me and You!

I pray that it’s this one I can pull through!

God Bless and stay up…20170427_191355

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