Some are sicker than others…

G’morning true believers . Been a minute since I’ve posted in here, but I have my reasons. I been writing more in other social media due to the fact that certain people just don’t even rate to know my pains anymore. One year folks, one fucking year is right around the corner for me! And in the past few days more bull shit behavior has been brought to me than I care to have in my life! I’m a ghost with out the sheets! That is, if you are still about that life, I’m gone!  I will not hesitate to block you, unfriend you, whatever it take to eliminate any trace of that from mylife, I’ll do it. I’m not judging. I realize that some are sicker than others, I get it. I know the struggle is real, i am struggle. I do however have control , for the most part, over my decisions. Today, my struggle doesn’t include drugs or alcohol.  I know where that life leads me. My life is far from perfect and i make mistakes daily. Rarely do I make the same mistake more than twice, because then they become choices and behaviors and behaviors are learned experiences. I make these mistakes because life is so new to me still and some things must be learned by trial and error. I compare my life today to jumping out of the plane each day. I do it forcefully somedays, others my eyes are wide open and I’m smilling. I don’t pack my own chute these days and trust and faith come into play there. My support team is that of dreams! They got me and proved that to be true! So 20170519_125512.jpgsome are sicker than others, i get it, but can’t and won’t be that sick with or with out you ever again! So, to some peiple, I’m a ghost with out the sheets. All i can do is pray that one day you will find what i have worked so hard to find and achieve and then and only then will you understand why I’m a ghost!. To those if you out there in the grip if it, i pray that today is  the day your kife changes for the better ad mine has and continues to! God Bless and stay up. I love you and you matter to me.


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