No shorts, No losses…

Ggggooooodddddd Mmmmoooorrrrrnnnniiinnnggggg Viet Nammmmmmm! I’ve always wanted to say that for real ever since i watched that movie. Robin Williams is surely missed. He said and I won’t quote it because I’m not sure I’ll get it verbatim.  But he said that those that appear the happiest, or those that make everyone around them laugh all the time are the saddest and hurt the most inside! Crazy huh? I can relate. I’m getting better though. At letting it out and identifying just what it is to be able to put it into words! So, look at this picture.20170601_164818.jpgthat right there folks, where those trees split, that was my home from March until June 5th last year! It’s at the beach, Washington Park in Michigan city to be exact. In front of it is a pavilion where bands play, i would sleep there when it rained. I would sit sometimes high, sometimes sick, and watch as all these normal people came and went. Families, couples, buddies all that. It hurt so fucking bad and was torture. They had what i thought i would never ever have again! Well I would have had to have had it to lose it to have it back anyways. 361 motherfucking days later I’m back at that spot!20170601_164852looking better. Feeling amazing. Fuck feeling period! All the material shit I’ve acquired could burn and I wouldn’t care. I’m richer in ways that money can’t buy or touch! I know I’m still 4 agonizingly long days away from having one year, but this saturday, my family is throwing me a party that’s going to be epic! This, me, i, am proof that any addict can have peace. Any addict can recover, well, be in recovery. Anyone can do This! I promise you This! I was lost and dead inside to scared to kill myself.  And now this in one year??? This is my year! A legend will be written! They should have never let me out of the building! To those of you out there in the grip of it, i pray that today is the day your life changes for the better as mine has and continues to. MAKE IT HAPPEN! JUMP OUT THAT PLANE! I do it everyday and soon will be doing it for real! God Bless and stay up. I love you and you matter!

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