New Tattoo

Hello! Can you fucking HEAR ME?! KLIFE, SHE’S SLIPPERY for sure with her ups and downs, her smiles and cries, and her out of the no where nut shots! She likes to slam my face to the ground. And bring me to my knees with both the good and bad. She also evolves and sometimes even faded away. Your time to shine wasn’t meant to last long before it too fades away. I’m supposed to be working on my resume right now but I haven’t been writting much as of lately; so, tonight, I write! Letting it out, letting it go, letting it flow from head to heart-to the lines that part- this sheet of paper. Pictures, photos, or memories, tend to fade in time like an old tattoo. They are hard copymoments of frozen time, and the new ones tend to steal thle attention from the old ones that keeps em shiny. -It’s like stealing the light from the dark-just like an old fade weatherbeaten, tribal piece on my arm! These tats are often a hard copy moment of frozen time too!-the person who did their art, where it went down @, and that raw fucking emotion I was feeling when that ink soaked needle began its journey carving my skin! every one of mine posses at least that! I’m ready for some new ink! God Bless and stay UP!20170706_192701.jpg

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