Life, the ongoing saga…

Hello out there, CAN YOU HEAR ME??? Life, as the title says, is an ongoing saga. Everyday the same, but everyday something new. She’s mysteriously sexy, Life that is. The second I think I know a thing or two about it, about her, she shows me who’s boss. How do I plan for something that has not happened yet? So i run myself into the ground trying to prepare for everything I think is going to happen?  Naw, I’m straight. It’s pretty simple, Life. I complicate it. My feelings and emotions make it complicated. They get in the way of the most important things! The little things. The blessings I may have missed by being so overwhelmed with what basically, i created! Keep it simple stupid! That’s what they say in a twelve step group I belong to. I like it but I don’t like it at the same time. I’ve been called a lot of things my whole life, but stupid I am not. And simple seems so impossible at times. Sit still and breathe Blackwell! I been coming to the beach in the mornings a lot lately with my homie, Duke! I’ve grown to almost need this hour everyday! It’s quiet, well no people or cars. There are noises, seagulls, the waves other natural sounds I may have missed. It’s really nice. I talk to Duke more than just about anyone else anymore. It’s like journaling, but the pen, which is absent in this method, doesn’t slow me down. And sometimes, he even seems to understand me. The way he will look at me and cock his head or draw closer to me as if to say, I got you homie! This, coming to the beach with Duke, has been what’s kept me grounded lately. Kept me with a hold on reality. Just kept me ya know? I’ve come to understand I don’t really have a clue about Life, and that’s ok today. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I can’t control it, only the way I react or don’t react! Sit still and breathe Blackwell. I used to say I woke up likes it’s Christmas morning everyday. And I did for a long time. But today, if I sleep, I wake up like it’s the last day to live. Sit still and breathe Blackwell! God Bless and stay up!20170714_065907.jpg

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